Why Midas ?

  1. Our blend of traditional aromatherapy mélange together with modernized concept of body rejuvenation is just what you need to unwind after a long tiring day.
  2. Suit your senses, choose your mood and step into cloud nine as we extend wide ranged services in both spa and salon techniques. What's more? You can pick the timing that suits your schedule.
  3. Escape away from the hullaballoo of the city and find yourself in the calm of a completely pollution-free (air-conditioned interior) and reduced noise atmosphere
  4. Body reinvention is an easing affair, so we offer flexible hours—you can allot a time beforehand and take services after hours also
  5. Freshness comes in every corner at Midas. We ensure fresh, sterilized utensils along with treated garments and tools, and also freshly laundered towels, gowns and linen.
  6. Water, oil and the beverages we provide are also scientifically treated.
  7. You are entitled to cozy and personalized service hence you will be availed with personal locker facility.
  8. We have taken great measures to provide you with the best. Our technicians are well-updated with technology and methodology, and have excelled in mannerism and professionalism.
  9. We truly welcome you with all easing and accessible competence. We provide easy and wide parking area, along with credit card facility along with ATM facility at the nearest hub.
  10. We are constantly striving to keep the clientele details up-to-date, with check-ins and follow-ups strictly maintained.
  11. Privilege comes to you in even the minutest of packages too. We provide privilege cards that avail up to 10% discount on services—with complementary services to frequents.
Is Midas necessary for you?
  1. Harmony of body, mind and soul can bring out the best in people. And when luxury meets with spirituality, rejuvenation meets meditation, and relaxation bring forth divinity—harmony inside your body comes in tune.
  2. Here at Midas we take your privileged appointment as an opportunity to take a journey that takes you to a different paradigm. It reinvents you, it transforms you.
  3. Relaxation methods and techniques not only help in rebuilding cells, replacing old and worn out body tissues, and help you keep younger longer—but these spa processes also help harmonize your mind with your body.
  4. As Lord Buddha has quoted, "We are what we are because of our minds—and we shape the world with our mind", the relaxation techniques here at Midas help you get in tune with the peace of your mind. It also helps be become more agile, energetic, maintains vibrancy, juvenility, and is the greatest tool to keep up with concentration.
  5. If you feel that you are cramped up with behind-the-desk operations in your daily life, if you know that your occupation demands you to move about rather too frequently, and if you comply with the fact that your mind and body both takes a huge toll out of you—then Midas is just the place to visit.
  6. The quiet environment shall help you. The calming rejuvenation technique shall reform you.
Come, transform yourself!