Spa Etiquettes and Rules

  1. Kindly maintain silence inside the Spa – Salon at all times. Please use your telephone only for urgent affairs. Keep verbal communication to the minimum.
  2. Kindly ensure that any visitor or companion accompanying you is limited only in the reception area.  
  3. Kindly do not bring children below 10 years of age and pets to the Spa – Salon.
  4. Kindly use the locker to safeguard your belongings. Midas will not be responsible for the loss of belongings that aren't secured inside the locker.
  5. Kindly use the products, utensils and properties inside Midas with care. Any damage caused by the customer will be charged in the bill.
  6. Kindly use the fresh towels, gown and garments provided by Midas.
  7. Kindly do not misconduct the professionals and technicians inside the Spa – Salon. Kindly do not make any negotiations in price, as the professionals are not authorized to do so. Also, do not engage in any personal activities, conversations or abuses.
  8. Kindly be notified that Midas does not provide credit of any sort. Special discounts, privileges and other facilities will be handled by the management on client-to-client basis. There will be no special discount unless authorized by the management.
  9. Kindly check all the products for ingenuity. Any expired offers or packages cannot be reimbursed.
  10. Kindly notify the management if you have any complaints or dissatisfaction. Please do not engage in any argument with the technicians.
  11. Kindly be notified that is there is any misbehavior, cases of theft, forced entry, harassment and abuse, the management reserves the right to cease privilege services. Under dire circumstances, the decision made by jurisdiction under the Criminal Act of Government of Nepal will be final.