Old is gold, and the ancient concept of Ayurveda does prove to deliver golden results on the verge of rediscovering yourself.
The concept of oriental wellness of the being comes from the ancient knowledge derived from medicinal therapy of Ayurveda. Midas has embraced the holistic traditional therapy with modernity, but has remained true to the roots using unaltered oils and powders. Here at Midas, we use pristine pure authentic oils, powders brought from Kerala—while even using the beds and therapists trained from the same region.
With popular therapies like Shirodhara (cleansing the body from the third eye), to Abhyanga (full body massage), Kizhi (ache and pain relief massage), Udwartanam (cellulite reduction toning), Snana Choornam (Body Polishing), and other Ayurvedic therapies offered at Midas, you can rightly feel your feet off the ground and your head feels the breeze from the sky. It's all spiritual!